Biblical Counseling Resources

Biblical Counseling Resources

Adams, Jay, Competent to Counsel; Christian Counselors Handbook; The Christian Counselor’s Manual; The Christian Counselor’s Casebook; The Use of Scriptures in Counseling

Association of Biblical Counselors

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

Biblical Counseling Coalition

Biblical Counseling Foundation

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

Emlet, Michael R., CrossTalk

Hinson, Ed, Totally Sufficient: The Bible & Christian Counseling

Hunt, June / Hope for the Heart Ministries, Counseling Through the Bible

Kruis, John G., Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling

Lane, Timothy S. & Paul David Tripp, How People Change; Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

MacArthur, John, Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically

Mack, Wayne A., How to Develop Deep Unity in the Marriage Relationship; A Homework Guide for Biblical Living, Vol 1 Personal and Interpersonal Problems

Powlison, David, Seeing with New Eyes; The Biblical Counseling Movement

Sande, Ken, The Peacemaker

Scott, Stuart / One Eighty Counseling

Smith, Robert D., The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference

Smith, Willian P., Caught Off Guard

Tripp, Paul David / Paul Tripp Ministries, Instruments in the Redeemers Hands

Welch, Edward T., Blame It on the Brain; When People Are Big and God Is Small