Answers in Genesis Ashton, John F., In Six Days Creation Museum Geisler, Norman L, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist Institute of Creation Research McDowell, Josh, Evidence That Demands a Verdict; More Evidence That Demands a Verdict; Who Moved the Stone? Morris, Henry M., Biblical Creationism; The Genesis Record Pinnick, Clark H., Set Forth Your Case Strobel, Lee, The Case for a Creator; The Case for Christ; The Case for Faith Yancy, Phillip, The Jesus I Never…


Are you dealing with some life issues where you think you might need some help? There are plenty of counselors and advisors in the marketplace vying for your business. But who should you go to for help? It depends… This web site has links to some resources that might be helpful. Feel free to explore them and form your own opinion.


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Bolles, Richard N., What Color Is Your Parachute Covey, Stephen R., The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Principle Centered Leadership Little, Paul E., Affirming the Will of God Miller, Arthur F., The Power of Uniqueness Yate, Martin, Knock ’em Dead


Anderson, Neil T., Breaking Through To Spiritual Maturity; Bondage Breaker; Released from Bondage; Resolving Personal Conflicts; Resolving Spiritual Conflicts; The Seduction of Our Children; Spiritual Conflicts and Counseling; Victory Over Darkness; Walking in the Light Blackaby, Henry T & King, Claude V., Experiencing God, Fresh Encounter Bridges, Jerry., The Pursuit of Holiness; Trusting God Downer,Phil / Discipleship Network of America, Eternal Impact; Brave Strong and Tender Frizzell, Gregory, Returning to Holiness Gothard, Bill / Institute of Basic Life Principles, Basic…


Divorce Kent Darcie / Adult Children of Divorce Ministries DivorceCare DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) DC4K Parent Page


Cross, John R., The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Downs, Tim, Finding Common Ground Heynen, Ralph, Creative Questions on Christian Living Hybels, Bill, Becoming a Contagious Christian Jones, Bill, One Verse Method Kennedy, D. James, Evangelism Explosion McCloskey, Mark, Tell It Often, Tell It Well McDonald, Gordon, Out of the Saltshaker and into the World


Blue, Ron. The New Master Your Money Christian Financial Professionals Network Christian Stewardship Association Burkett, Larry / Crown Financial Ministries, Biblical Financial Study; The Complete Financial Guide for Single Parents; The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples; How to Manage Your Money; The Financial Planning Workbook; The Great Financial Earthquake; Two Masters; Your Finances in Changing Times; Teacher/Counselor Training Manual; Business by the Book; Journey to Financial Freedom; Budget Counselor Training Course Dayton, Howard, Your Money Counts Generous Giving Howard, Clark…

Grief & Loss

Healing from Church Initiative on Vimeo. GriefShare, Your Journey from Mourning to Joy Other Resources Abarno, Robert, Dying to Live Abundantly Dunn, Bill & Kathy Howard, Through a Season of Grief Hemfelt, Robert, The Path to Serenity Hinton, Clara, Silent Grief, Miscarriage – Child loss, finding your way through the darkness Hurnard, Hannah, Hinds Feet on High Places Kaiser, Walter C. Jr, Grace & Pain In the Plan Of God Lutzer, Erwin, One Minute After You Die MacArthur, John, Safe…


Anderson, Lynn, They Smell Like Sheep Ascol, Thomas K., Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry Baxter, Richard, The Reformed Pastor Criswell, W.A., Criswell’s Guidebook for Pastors Hendricks, Howard, As Iron Sharpens Iron Hughes, R. Kent, Disciplines of a Godly Man; Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome Leadership Ministries Worldwide, What the Bible Says to the Minister Miller, Arthur F., The Power of Uniqueness Piper, John, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals Prime, Derek & Alistar Begg, On Being a Pastor Sanders,…

Marriage & Family

Marriage Arp, D & C, 52 Dates for You and Mate; The Second Half Marriage Chapman, Gary, The Five Love Languages Clinton, Timothy, Before a Bad Goodbye; The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted Eggerichs, Emerson, Love and Respect Family Life Gottman, John M., The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work; Why Marriages Succeed or Fail Gungor, Mark, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Youtube videos Harley, Willard, Fall In Love Stay In Love; His Needs, Her Needs; Love Busters Mack,…
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